Thursday, 5 October 2017

The Aquarians

The Second Human Empire are a state of Aquarians and a highly militaristic government led by the mysterious Gemini throne and The Twin Queens. As the name indicates they see themselves as heirs to humanity! However they too have fallen on hard times and their allies have turned their backs on them and they stand isolated, despite their powerful army and Starfleet.

This is the faction document for the Aquarian factions: Azura, Kor'rel and Ter'min'usi. This document contains a selection of character templates for Archetypical Aquarians. Information about the worlds inhabited by Aquarians. Along with Psionic powers found that the Aquarian Psionics are trained in.

The Martians

Regnum Mars is the human faction dominating Sol and a couple of more star Systems. They are a dying empire and if nothing changes soon its a question of time before Sol and its worlds collapse on themselves.

Here is the faction document for the Martian Empire. Within are found: A selection of templates for Martian characters, information about the worlds that are found in the empire and a section on daily life under Martian rule. Along with this are the Psionic powers that Regnum Mars can train its agents in.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Psionic powers

While the sphere has stagnated in many areas and otherwise great technology has been lost to time and incompetence new technologies and developements also flourish.
One of the greatest of these new developements is Psionics.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Third race: Star born.

Starborn are those born and living in space. Incredibly tall (averaging at 3m) and thin they live their entire lives in space often in their suit.
Native to free-fall enviroments the starborn navigate flawlessly and are adept at perceiving any dangers or faults around them.
However starborn are not trusted by those native to planets and their life in free-fall have rendered them frail with thin brittle bones.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Setting design III and a lens.

With me set on a Roman-ish empire and it being the sole dominant power I need a reason for it to fall. I also need a history on it and its people. Which is going to be this posts main point.
I'll also get a on to my space born civilization.

Second Race: Enochians

So finally getting a template that me and my player agree on I consider myself done. Without further ado the next race:

Setting design II and the second race.

With the first article on world building and the first race I get into one interesting question one why to add one race. I also get more into depth on my campaigns history and who-s-who.
I concluded on biomodified humans and a falling empire. Which is what I'll build on further in this post.
So we have a limited number of planets and a limited FTL drive. So... Empire what makes empires? Why do I want to work with empires, that will be part of this post too.